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Living Wild offers a variety of design services such as edible garden planning, pollinator patches, hummingbird habitats, and landscaping with natives. We happily advise on wildlife conflicts and only offer organic and humane solutions.

Landscape Design / Blueprint

A garden blueprint is your personalized garden plan that depicts each species of plant, its location, and the quantity of that species to be planted. Typically, colors depicted in the drawings are indicative of bloom color.

Hummingbird Habitat


This habitat’s goal is to attract native hummingbirds and give them nutritious nectar from native plants, allow them to forage on a diverse array of brightly colored flowers and a resting area. If you like to watch the “hummers” zoom around your yard, this is the perfect habitat to incorporate into your backyard landscape.

Pollinator Patch

Pollinators, such as butterflies and bees, are in a steep decline due to increased pesticide usage and habitat destruction. This habitat’s goal is to provide quality nectar sources, puddling resources, and resting area for the pollinators that call Texas home, or migrate through.

Birding Habitats


Love bird watching? This habitat’s goals are to provide quality food, cover, and nesting material to a variety of different birds by utilizing a diverse array of native plants. Roosting areas, feeders, and nest boxes can also be incorporated into this habitat, depending on the resources nearby.

Butterfly Garden

This habitat specifically contains host plants for the caterpillars, who will later turn into butterflies. For this habitat to be installed, it must be in conjunction with a Pollinator patch. This is to provide nectar foods for the adult butterflies before and after laying their eggs.

This habitat is an excellent way to get your friends and family interested in wildlife gardening. Watching a caterpillar munch on leaves, grow, pupate, and emerge into a butterfly is fun, entertaining, and gratifying.

Maintenance Programs

On call services to help with questions concerning plant care and wildlife. We want to be your personal wildlife biologist.

  • Mulching

  • Pruning

  • Dead Heading

  • Winterizing

  • Spring Cleaning

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