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About Us

Living Wild offers a variety of design services such as edible garden planning, pollinator patches, hummingbird habitats, and landscaping with natives. We happily advise on wildlife conflicts and only offer organic and humane solutions.

Lets Go Native

Listen to Abbie on the Home Show Garden Pros - Houston Area

Welcome to Living Wild!

My name is Abbie, the founder of Living Wild, and I am so excited to meet you! I have my B.S Microbiology and a B.S Wildlife and Fisheries from Texas A&M and my masters from Texas Tech University focusing on Wildlife Biology. I am dedicated to restoring natural habitats and bringing wildlife and the benefits of nature to your backyard, property, nearby neighborhood park, and local businesses. I recommend native plants to replace non-native landscaping and to provide a quality habitat for wildlife, such as bees, butterflies, birds, mammals, and reptiles. Yes, I said reptiles!

Each organism plays a vital role in the ecosystem, whether pollinator, predator, or prey, they all work in concert. We as humans also are a part of the ecosystems in which we inhabit. Humans are everywhere, taking up space and often causing ecosystem damage. We must all do our part to support local wildlife when possible and protect Texas natives. This not only makes the environment healthier, but us too.

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Kristin B. 

“I started with basically a mud patch in my yard and in less than a year I have a full ecosystem from birds nesting to hummingbirds, butterflies, ladybugs, bees, lizards and frogs!."

Jennifer R.

"The team is fantastic.  Initially asked them to do a plan that was focused on native plants and polinator-friendly. Then then they did the install, followed by a year of maintenance, and we were so pleased that we are now about to a much larger project on the rest of our yard.  I would highly recommend."

David and Valerie K.

“Abbie designed and executed a wonderful blueprint of a variety of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers for our front and back yard. She recommended native plants which will provide for us a burst of color throughout the years. We highly recommend her for your landscaping needs!”
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Native Landscaping Services and Habitat Restoration




Landscape Design

Pollinator Patches

Butterfly Gardens

Hummingbird Habitats

Birding Habitats

General Wildlife Management

Living Alongside Snakes

Edible Gardens / Orchards

Maintenance Programs

Events & Workshops

Listen to Abbie on the Home Show Garden Pros - Houston Area

Plant a Vegetable Patch


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