Learning with Living Wild

At Living Wild, we make education one of our main focuses. During consultations and installs, we encourage homeowners to ask as many questions as they can, so that they can understand the soil, plant, and environmental conditions that allow their gardens to thrive. From one- on-one pruning and gardening lessons, to classroom or group educational talks about native plants, gardening for native animals, and animal exploration classes, we want to arm you with the knowledge to care for your native garden and our environment.

Biologist speaks to people
Here, Wildlife Biologist Abbie speaks about the importance of snakes and the benefits they give to our natural environment at a Herpetology Class.
Biologist with turtle
Snappy the Common Snapping Turtle helps educate the class about turtles and their environment.
Biologist with girl
Wildlife Biologist Abbie shows the future generation how important snakes are and shares her passion for these important predators.
Seed bombs
Seed bombs being dried for use the next day to seed a wildflower meadow.

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